What is Turmeric for Chicken? How to Add Turmeric to Chicken Fighting in detail

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How to add turmeric to fighting cocks What is that? In the article below New88 will share with you the simplest and most detailed ways to enter the art of fighting cocks, let’s follow along!

How to add technology to fighting cocks has been a long-standing movement that many cockfighting enthusiasts have applied. This is a way to care for and develop the strength of fighting cocks. Please refer to the article below by Nha cai new88 To know the uses and ways to add turmeric to fighting cocks!

Concept of form of technology for fighting cocks

The way to add turmeric to fighting chickens is to apply turmeric to the fighting chickens. You can use a broom to sweep all over the chicken’s body, so sweep from high to low, and from head to toe. Apply carefully to avoid getting into the chicken’s mouth or eyes.

Evenly scan areas such as the skin, beak, comb, head, neck, under the wings, hips, thighs and legs of the chicken. One thing to note is that cockers should not apply turmeric on wet or rainy days. After applying, you should use a dryer to dry the chicken feathers.

Effects of applying turmeric to fighting chickens

The method of adding turmeric to chickens has a positive impact and influence on the strength and fighting ability of the chickens. Below are some reasons you should add technology to your fighting cocks before going to war.

Helps the skin increase its antibacterial ability

Adding turmeric to fighting chickens not only helps enhance the strength and beauty of fighting chickens, but also has a positive effect on their skin condition. Chicken skin is often exposed to harsh environments such as dirt, sunlight and post-match injuries.

Therefore, when using turmeric applied to the surface of chicken skin, it can help them become antibacterial and look healthier. This helps minimize inflammation and skin damage. Using turmeric for fighting chickens is also a way to help chickens prevent peeling and rough skin.

Helps make skin thicker

Normally, cocks will have to fight fierce opponents and are at risk of having their skin damaged by their opponents’ nails. To protect chicken skin from damage, adding turmeric to fighting chickens is the best tip.

Turmeric helps the skin to regenerate and grow thicker, increase resistance and control your weight, avoiding excess fat accumulation. This helps the cocks to easily dodge attacks and be flexible in using their speed.

Better ability to withstand attacks

Thanks to regularly applying turmeric to fighting chickens, it helps them grow stronger and healthier. As we know, the ingredients in turmeric combined with white wine have long become a valuable remedy. 

With good resistance and limited skin conditions, chickens are healthier, have more fighting power and are able to withstand attacks from tougher opponents.
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Increase aesthetics

Adding turmeric to fighting cocks makes them look more beautiful and healthier. At a glance, it doesn’t matter what their fighting ability is, but the bright red appearance is already attractive enough and scores points for cockfighters. 

With a healthy body, toned muscles combined with the turmeric color on chicken skin will make the chickens look more beautiful and loved. With chickens like that, cockfighters will evaluate them as strong warriors, so the battles will be fiery, enthusiastic and bloody. 

How to add turmeric to fighting cocks in detail

Below, New88 will guide you in the most detailed ways on how to turmeric for fighting cocks. From the steps to prepare enough ingredients to the ways to add turmeric. Refer to the following steps: 

Ingredients need to be prepared

  • Fresh turmeric or turmeric powder, you should use crushed fresh turmeric to increase adhesion and bring better results.
  • Wine: Use pure 40-degree white wine and do not mix it with other mixtures.
  • Turmeric broom and gloves.

After preparing all the ingredients, mix them together so that the mixture is not too liquid. Depending on the weight of each chicken, you can use 3 to 5 turmeric roots. 

Proceed to apply turmeric

To be able to easily and accurately add turmeric to fighting cocks, follow our instructions below:

  • Secure the chicken: First, to avoid the chicken struggling or kicking. Please hold them tightly to make the turmeric process easier.
  • Applying turmeric: Wear gloves and use a brush to apply turmeric. Note: Apply evenly from top to bottom in areas such as: crest, head, beak, neck, armpits, abdomen, legs, etc.
  • Drying or drying in the sun: Use a hair dryer to dry chicken feathers to prevent chickens from catching colds or getting sick. If the weather is nice and sunny, you can dry the fighting cock for 1 to 2 hours so that the mixture can be absorbed and the turmeric color will be more beautiful. 


Above is all we share about the role and effects as well as the most detailed way to apply technology to fighting cocks. Hopefully the above instructions can help you take care of your cocks to look healthier and more beautiful. If you have any problems or questions during the process of cultivating turmeric for fighting cocks, please contact New88 for support!

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