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Peruvian chicken Highly appreciated by experts for the quality of kicks on the field. This article will provide all basic information about this fighting chicken breed for you.

Peruvian chicken is a breed of chicken originating from Peru and is noticed by many cockfighting players. This chicken breed has special features that no other fighting chicken breed possesses today. Follow the article from Kubet Casino To learn more about this chicken breed below.

Origin of Peruvian chicken

This is a chicken breed that originated in the 1600s and is of great interest to this day. This breed of chicken moves very fast, has strong muscles and has great endurance. This has helped them have a fierce personality in matches. Peruvian chickens are sought after and chosen by many cockers because of their terrible strength.

This breed of fighting cock is sought after by many cockfighters because of its great damage. You absolutely have a high winning rate if you own this fighting chicken. Games with this cock often bring wins to bettors who choose it. As a breed of chicken with high fighting power, decisive and powerful kicks, it is sought after to become fighting cocks.

Characteristics of quickly identifying Peruvian chickens

Many beginner cockfighters find it difficult to identify this breed of fighting cock through a simple look. Therefore, players need to learn how to recognize them through their characteristics such as:

Chicken head

The head of this breed of chicken is larger than many normal chickens today. The large leaf or strawberry comb helps them easily stand out from other chickens. The jet black eyes add mystery and majesty on the battlefield. They have long beaks that help deal enormous damage to opponents on the field.

For small Peruvian chickens, the head feathers are usually uniformly black, but as they mature, they gradually become stick or green.

Chicken body

The body of this chicken breed is quite big and strong and ranges in size from 3 – 5kg. The skin color is beautiful and the bones are quite strong, creating a majestic appearance when standing next to other chicken breeds. The chicken’s back is slightly hunched and the breast and legs are quite long. Their two middle toes will be white and easy to identify. Their nails will become larger and longer when they reach adulthood. This breed of chicken has quite long legs and is divided into 2 distinct segments. 

Chicken tail

Peruvian fighting chickens are moderate and do not have many feathers. There are two types of tail plates: about 3 feathers and about 8 feathers. This tail does not have too many special parts compared to regular fighting chickens. They have quite large tails to help maintain balance when jumping and kicking opponents. Chickens can quickly gain an advantage while competing on the field.

How does Peruvian chicken fight?

This is the iconic chicken breed of Peru and is known as the most aggressive fighting chicken. When they are about 4-5 years old, they will be taken to the arena to test their strength with other chickens. That’s why the breeders who raise these chickens will train them from quite early to have good health.

This breed of chicken has a very strong kick as well as high speed, so it will participate in many fighting chicken fights. They have amazing moves that make viewers’ hearts flutter and admire their talent. This chicken has an aggressive nature from an early age, so it does not need to use stimulants when participating in competitions.

The fighting style of Peruvian chickens is highly appreciated and forces opponents into vital matches. They quickly put their opponents in a corner and make other chickens wary. That’s why cockfighters love and choose this breed of fighting chickens.

Peruvian chicken lines are available in Vietnam

Currently, Vietnam also has farms raising this breed of fighting chickens to serve players. You can absolutely find this chicken on large farms in Vietnam. Let’s look at these chicken lines available in our country and choose quality ones.
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Purebred chicken

This is a chicken breed imported directly from Peru and is not cross-bred with any other breed. They retain the strength and quality of this breed with their powerful kicks. They inherit all the characteristics of this chicken breed above.

Peruvian bantam chicken

To increase the strength of Peruvian chickens, cockers will crossbreed them with the current bamboo chicken line. They improve the disadvantages of this chicken and receive the advantages of the bantam chicken. The bad feet and hunchback have now been improved in a better way.

Thai chicken

This is a chicken breed bred by Thai people and brought back to raise by Vietnamese cockmasters. They inherit the dominant genes of Peruvian and Thai chickens to have quality fighting chickens. The selling price of this breed of chicken is quite high because of its huge attraction on the fields.

Peruvian hybrid chicken

This is the common name for all chickens created by chicken breeders. They are selected by breeders among special lines to cross with each other, creating the finished product, a Peruvian hybrid chicken. Each breeder has different breeding choices, so you can ask for reference.


Our article has provided all information related to the Peruvian chicken breed. We hope that bettors or cockfighters understand the details of this chicken breed and choose the right chicken. If you are passionate about cockfighting, please join the current online cockfighting playgrounds to bet on fighting cocks.

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