When to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer: Key Indicators That You Need Legal Representation

Written by Mika Lee

Don’t lose precious negotiating ground and wait until the last minute like I did. Trying to talk to my insurance company about the car accident was painful. 

They claimed to care but their actions didn’t match up. When their offer came, it wasn’t even close to what I needed to cover the costs of the accident.

Well how do you know if you need a Sacramento car accident lawyer? My thought is this, anytime you need to file an insurance claim because of a car accident you should probably at least look into how a professional could possibly help. Even minor incidents can leave you broke and struggling.

Take some time and read through these indicators that your best route is getting some professional legal advice.

Absolutely Hire a Sacramento Car Accident Lawyer if Your Accident Involves Another Vehicle

No way around it, if your accident has another car involved, you will probably have to deal with police. You’ll both end up calling your insurance companies. For me this experience completely zapped my energy and left me feeling lost. I truly wish I had someone by my side who knew how to handle these types of situations. After I brought on legal help the whole process went so much smoother.

If You Were Hurt During the Accident a Lawyer Can Help Resolve Medical Bills

Medical bills are outrageous! They charge you crazy prices for the simplest things. I really wonder who’s running these operations. Don’t sit back and just take these bills on yourself. You will need to put together your insurance claim carefully to make sure those bills are taken care of. If need be, you might even need to file a court case to get the money from the accident. These are all complicated processes that I personally didn’t understand very well. My claim I put together wasn’t proper as my lawyer saw after looking it over. Thankfully they were able to fix my mistakes.

Any Damage Done to Your Car Will Be Fixed or You’ll Get a New Car

This is such an important one. If there’s any damage to your car you need to be able to fix it. Or, if your car is no longer usable because of the accident, then you really need a professional to help you. Insurance companies always give the lowest amount for totaled vehicles. If you have a lawyer standing next to you, they know they’re going to have to negotiate wisely. You need to be able to get the resource of your car back so you can get back to your life.

Don’t Leave Yourself Unprotected During Your Car Accident

As you’ve probably guessed it, the main reason you should get a Sacramento car accident lawyer is the protection you get. You won’t have to talk to anyone. Yes! Your lawyer will handle that. They know your rights and will put any insurance company reps or other lawyers in their place. It’s the quickest way you can get your life back to normal. You need someone on your team.

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