Play Your Way to Prosperity: Discover the Best Games That Pay Real Money

Written by Mika Lee

Heath Ledger once said, while playing the infamous Joker, “If you are good at something, never do it for free!” You can use your skills to earn money if you play a game like no one else. A few games are available on various mobile apps that let you use your skills to win cash rewards. So, why not make it a passive income channel alongside being entertained? Here is a list of the real money earning games you are looking for. All of them are fairly easy to comprehend and master the winning skills.

Best Games to Play and Earn Money


Ludo is probably the most popular board game in the world. It is played between two to three players. There are four colored sections containing four tokens in each. Get a color assigned in the beginning. You will get one or two dice to roll and move your tokens out of the box. Every other participant will do the same. The twist comes when every player tries to evade and capture other’s tokens while reaching the final destination. Ultimately, the player with all his tokens in the final spot wins the game. This classic board game takes more than an hour to play. The mobile apps converted this traditional version into a speedier one. You get limited moves quickly to score points by moving and capturing tokens. In the end, the highest scorer wins. So, participate in daily contests to win cash prizes daily.


Who does not love the tabletop game carrom? You get a striker to put the coins in four pockets. Those killer angles and double shots are thrilling. Why not use your carrom skills online to compete against real participants and earn real money? The digital version of this tabletop game comes with beautiful graphics. Its gameplay is different from that of a conventional game. However, the physics of striking coins and pocketing them are almost identical in physical and digital versions. All you have to do is look at the power meter, adjust the angle, and strike a coin you want to pocket. Then, follow how the coins are positioned on the board and make your next move. Play against real players worldwide and win cash rewards instantly.

Fantasy Cricket

One of the most happening segments of online gaming is fantasy sports. Fantasy cricket is a significant section of this world. It is quite popular in India and the countries that play cricket internationally. We fans love to play cricket and debate to defend our favorite players. Why not make a fantasy team out of the best players of a season and score points? It sounds amazing. Follow the upcoming events and keep an eye on the latest updates. Choose players from different teams and create your own fantasy team. Learn the scoring system and make changes in your team before every match. Score the highest point and win a big cash prize. 

Opinion-based Game

Opinion-based games are becoming wildly popular these days. As mentioned, you do your homework to create a fantasy cricket. You can use your analytical skills and knowledge to answer simple questions before a match begins. Worry not, as the simple questions will have options for answering. You will have to answer yes or no. For example, will a bowler take the highest wickets in today’s match? Will the opener score a century in today’s match? You will choose either yes or no and pay the entry amount.If your answer is correct, you will win more than the amount paid as entry fees. If not, you will lose the money. This is a unique genre of prediction game you can play online. Follow the updates and answer the questions to win real money. Remember, the questions will become invalid after an event is over. So, decide and give your opinion on winning cash rewards.


Do you love to play cards and recover tricks? Well, Call Break is a good choice then. Every player gets ten cards in the beginning. Generally, you can play this card game with another player online. More than one card deck is used in specific versions when the players increase from two to five. Players decide on a trump suit and call the tricks they can secure. Every player aims to foil others’ plans and secure the card tricks. They use the trump cards to secure tricks and score points. In the end, the highest scorer wins. Those who cannot secure the tricks will score negative points. You can choose a cash lobby and join a table. Pay the joining fee and get a chance to win more by defeating others.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti requires a set of skills and a pinch of luck. It is also known as Indian poker, where a player gets three cards initially. The dealer then reveals one card at a time. The players then devise the best card combination to win the hand. You can bluff by raising the boot value and confuse other players. This game is all about turning the tables in your favor. You can play as a blind player by not seeing the cards and betting an amount, or you can see the cards in hand. Understand the card combinations and their ranks well and start playing Teen Patti online. You can choose tables as per the pot limit and win cash rewards.

Speed Chess

Chess is the most coveted board game of all time. The complexity of 32 chess pieces with assigned functions moving on a checkered board is thrilling. Speed chess has the same number of pieces played between two players with a limited period for every move. You have two seconds to move your chess piece and capture the opponent’s king to win. Join a game to show your skills and earn money online. Remember, you will have only three minutes to play.

Final words: Choose a Money-earning Game!

You can scout for and find suitable other money-earning games. Consider your skills and compare the winning probability of these games. Make an informed decision and choose a money-earning game. Master your skills and develop a winning strategy to play and win cash rewards.

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