Guide to soccer betting that always wins for newbies

Written by Mika Lee

Many people still do not know how to bet on football and always win at a basic level, not to mention discussing complex betting. Just by being guided and gaining experience, everyone has the opportunity to change their lives, however, this is not always easy. The information that website New888 Sharing for you promises to help you have the opportunity to win great rewards for soccer betting.

Make sure bets to always win when betting on football

Analyzing the odds determines about 70% of your chances of winning. This only happens when you conduct a thorough analysis, giving you the most realistic assessments.

There are some special factors you should pay attention to if you don’t want to always lose when betting on soccer:

  • The team’s ranking on recent international rankings.
  • Actual situation of both teams, including tactics, player information, etc.
  • History of direct confrontation and recent matches of both teams.
  • If you see that the away team is stronger and has a chance to win, you can confidently bet on the handicap offered by the house. In this case, 1/2 or 0.75 bets are often safe options for you to participate in.

On the contrary, if you feel that the two teams have relatively balanced strength, but the house offers a large handicap such as 0.5 or 1, you should consider betting as the underdog to ensure safe betting. . 

Soccer betting always wins when you use money wisely

An important suggestion of the New88 website is that when starting out, bet with a small amount of money. Then gradually, as you gain more experience, start increasing the bet amount.

If you don’t want to always lose when betting on soccer, divide your capital into parts. The largest part of the capital should be placed on bets with the highest probability of winning, even with low payout odds (this means you accept low bonuses). This will be your “reserve”.

The rest of the money should be used for bets with a higher level of risk, such as difficult bets (where the payout ratio is higher). The reason is that in the initial games, you have the opportunity to learn and accumulate experience to improve your ability to analyze and predict.

Be calm and decisive to make the right choice

Many people often bet based on the decisions of others, influenced by crowd psychology. However, this is often not effective in the betting process.

The best thing according to website New88 is that when you participate in soccer betting, build your own argument, perform a thorough analysis, and then make a decision based on this information. This also helps you be confident and steadfast in your decision.

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In the money the bets are easy to win 

Each match offers many betting opportunities for you, and there are many betting options available. Initially, you can refer to the odds that the bookmaker recommends. This is usually the prediction of experts combined with computer calculations based on indicators from previous matches. One way to bet on soccer that is always profitable is to focus on odds that have been proven through history.

Many people have suggested that bettors should focus on the following options:

  • The strong team plays away from home with a 3/4 handicap.
  • Choose the weak team to play at home with a handicap of 1/4 – the handicap is not too high.

This method of choosing a bet is based on statistics from 78,253 recent matches from 2010 to present, and it has a winning rate of over 70%.

Players need to try to calmly handle the problem

Judgment, also known as psychological factors, has a great impact on your betting results. Whether you win or lose, the most important thing is your psychology. Try to maintain calm in all possible situations to be able to make the most accurate predictions. Sometimes, building the right perspective on betting can take quite a while.

The way to bet on soccer to make money is the ability to synthesize information and connect them to create an overall picture. While this process can take time and patience, it’s important that you have the patience to follow the strategy you’ve developed. If you maintain composure and perseverance, you will definitely find opportunities to achieve rewards.


Understanding how to bet on soccer from basic to advanced levels will help you overcome challenges easily. Each match has its own unique characteristics and needs to be analyzed in a unique way. According to experts of website New88, if you focus on learning and gaining experience in always winning soccer betting, you will become an excellent soccer player.

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