Why White Sapphire engagement rings are Popular? 

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In present time, white sapphires are a very famous and unique alternative of diamonds most importantly for fine jewelry and engagement rings. White sapphires are transparent and colorless but still very attractive. These gemstones are formed when mineral corundum is mixed with other elements and belongs to the same mineral family of rubies and other colorful sapphires. Engagement is one of the most beautiful occasions of everyone’s life and definitely everyone wants to make it unforgettable. So if you want to make your day special you can visit our online store and buy a beautiful white sapphire engagement ring. 

What is White Sapphire?

A white sapphire is one of the most beautiful types of colorless sapphires. Most people think that sapphires only occur in blue color but interestingly they also occur in various other beautiful colors such as purple, green, and white as well. As sapphires belong to the corundum mineral family they are considered as aluminum oxides that contain some traces of chromium, titanium, copper, iron and magnesium. Significantly, white Sapphire contains minerals that play an essential role in highlighting its color. 

Settings for White Sapphires: 

Just like diamonds, white Sapphire can easily adjust in any type of metal and settings such as platinum, rose gold, white gold etc. Keep one thing in mind that when you are using different metals for white sapphire engagement ring you must consider the style and taste of the person who will wear it. Prong settings are ideal for white sapphire that allow its admirers to see its beauty from each angle. In addition to this, white sapphires with art deco-inspired design offers a bezel setting for nostalgic appeal. Same on the other hand, for a more modern and edgier vibe claw setting is highly recommended. 

Shapes of White Sapphires

One of the most important things to observe when you are going to buy a white sapphire engagement ring is its shape. Significantly, shape indicates the gemstone formation whether it is pear, oval, cushion or any other shapes. Shape of white Sapphire mostly depends on the personal requirements of the person who will wear it. If the individual is looking for an elegant stone then princess cut or round cut is recommended. But if they want to wear something more attractive then a heart-shaped or pear shaped white sapphire engagement ring is best. Although the beauty and cost of each shape differs, it is very essential to consider a few choices before picking the right one for your engagement ring. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Do White Sapphires Get Cloudy?

White sapphires have transparent colors due to which it can easily pick up residue, first and dust from cleaning products and other soaps and loses its shine and sparkle. But you can easily maintain the shine and sparkle of white sapphire engagement ring by cleaning and caring for it properly. 

What are Lab-Created White Sapphires?

As it is clear from its name, lab-created white sapphires are white sapphire gemstones that are designed in a laboratory. Additionally, lab-created white sapphires have reasonable prices as compared to the white sapphires that are naturally found. In addition to this, white sapphires are durable and study gems that can last for a longer time.


White diamonds are one of the most famous gemstones. Sometimes people also buy white sapphire engagement rings as an elegant alternative to diamonds at a reasonable price. So you can also make your engagement day incredible by purchasing a beautiful white sapphire engagement ring for your beloved partner and make her happy. You can visit our online store and can buy best quality white sapphire fine jewelry pieces and engagement rings.

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