Service Dogs in Action: Real-Life Examples of Their Incredible Work

Written by Mika Lee

Dogs in service are an incredible example of the special relationship a human can hold with an animal. These dogs are often seen helping someone in a wheelchair or monitoring a person’s health. It’s truly incredible the skills and discipline these hounds to have.

Did you know service dogs are able to provide support in areas other than physical help? Most commonly we see dogs in service helping someone with a physical ailment, but now more people are turning to the support of our K-9 friends.

Let’s take a look at how our furry and talented best friends help us out day-to-day!

How Service Dogs Help People Everyday in Real Life

After thoroughly examining a service dog, it’s easy to see why these are some of the best dogs out there. These dogs have gone through intensive training and know exactly how to help their ‘hooman’ companion.

Service dog training will include heavy socialization to ensure the dog is familiar and comfortable with a lot of different types of people. A trainer will put the service dog through many tests with varying outside distractions, which is why these dogs perform their essential duties without hesitation. 

Here are real-life examples of how a service dog can change someone’s life:

Dogs in Service Help Those with Physical Limitations

Helping someone with physical mobility issues has been the most common experience people have had with service dogs. Seeing someone who is blind or in a wheelchair followed by a faithful companion has been around for generations.

Service dogs can also be trained to help alert their owners of a potential health issue like a seizure or diabetic episode. They can even be taught to sniff food for things like gluten!

Mental Health Support by Way of The Dog

Nowadays, more people are turning to a service dog for help with their mental health. Those suffering from PTSD or autism can benefit greatly from the constant love and attention a dog is willing to provide.

A service dog whose role will be to help their best friend with mental health, will be trained to look for signals their owners give and provide support and attention when they see those signs. Giving a quick tap on the leg or circling the owner, these dogs can quickly notify their owner something is wrong.

At Home Service Work is A Thing, Too!

Having a service dog in the home can be a lifesaver, even for those who don’t need physical or mental support. The trainers who specialize in these training efforts can assess your lifestyle and find ways your dog can help. It’s truly incredible what they can do!

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are so many ways service dogs help people in their everyday lives. You don’t have to have a physical ailment or need mental health support to enjoy the benefits of a fully trained service dog. These dogs can play a very important role in helping in the household, all while being someone you can hug and tell the stories of your day to. 

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