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Merits of a 2 Crore Term Insurance – All You Need to Know

Written by Mika Lee

Building financial protection for one’s family is the need of the hour. In this regard, a sound financial plan and a clear approach to mobilizing savings towards different avenues including insurance and investment help ensure comprehensive protection. Insurance in particular has become an indispensable part of financial planning as it helps individuals to safeguard the financial future of their family members against unforeseen situations. However, the success of the same depends on how robust the protection is. So, individuals seeking insurance must look for a plan with a comprehensive cover. For instance, a 2 crore term insurance could be a suitable coverage for those seeking high-value coverage to help beneficiaries account for their financial needs and help them meet future obligations smoothly in the absence of the insured. A 2 crore term insurance is designed to help individuals manage immediate as well as long-term financial obligations and enables them to protect their savings. To ensure the policy proves to be useful in financial planning individuals must check its features and associated benefits to understand its merits and limitations.

What are the Major Features of a Two Crore Term Plan?

The major features of a 2 crore term insurance that make the policy a bonus for individuals include the following – 

High cover value 

A two-crore term plan serves as a financial buffer to help lower the burden of financial strain during emergencies, especially in the unforeseen death of the policyholder. The high cover value allows the beneficiaries to meet the burden of outstanding loans, bills, and EMIs, and support their daily living expenses. The coverage also prevents them from dipping into savings or premature investments to support finances. 

Rider benefits

Besides the basic coverage, individuals can increase its scope by adding rider benefits such as a premium waiver, accidental death cover, or critical illness plan. This will boost protection and allow individuals to plan for their insurance needs more effectively. However, the extended coverage will also increase the premium cost of a two-crore term plan.

Affordable policy premium

Contrary to popular belief, the premium of a 2 crore term insurance is quite affordable. This is because life insurance providers want to make the high-value product available to individuals who seek financial support to safeguard their family’s financial future by mobilizing regular premiums. This helps individuals to build coverage without straining their budget. To further understand the affordability of a two-crore term plan, individuals can use an online calculator to estimate premiums and decide whether the same would suit their budget or not. Similarly, they can use the tool to understand how adding riders could inflate their premium.

However, it should be noted that the longer individuals wait to purchase term insurance the more will their premium burden. This is because insurers typically attach a higher risk to older adults than younger adults. To avoid this, individuals are recommended to buy insurance early so that they can bag a higher coverage at a low premium. 

Factors to Weigh When You Plan to Buy Coverage

Individuals can weigh these factors to check the overall scope of a 2 crore term insurance plan –

  • Income: Individuals must factor in their income when planning to buy not just 2 crore term insurance but any insurance plan. This is because knowing about one’s financial standing and budget would allow individuals to select a premium plan that does not strain payment capacity and allows them to secure financial protection. Opting for a higher premium would put strain on finances and may often lead to individuals defaulting on their insurance premium which could make the plan invalid and leave them without protection. An online calculator can help individuals understand whether they can afford the premium. Individuals can use the tool to further plan an ideal combination of premium and coverage.
  • Obligations: Individual should also factor in their current and upcoming obligations such as ongoing loans, EMIs, and due payments to compute their expenses. In addition, they should consider their upcoming obligation like their child’s school or college admission, exam fees, and mortgages to gain a full picture of the expenses and liabilities. This will help them understand if they can afford the premium and also the coverage their family would need in the absence of the insured to continue leading a financially stable and independent lifestyle. Based on this information they can plan a proper coverge for their needs and proceed with a suitable 2 crore term insurance plan.

Who Should Get a Term Insurance Plan?

Typically, individuals between the ages of 18 and 65 can easily avail of a 2 crore term insurance plan. However, the younger age one decides to buy insurance the more likely they are to get a high coverage at affordable premiums.  In addition, the beginning of one’s career is a great point to leverage one’s lack of financial liabilities to build a substantial financial net to safeguard the future of the family members, especially their dependents. The high cover amount could help build their financial future and allow the dependants to tide over financial strain and major obligations with ease. 

Those who are the only earning members of the family can benefit from such a high coverage. A substantial amount will allow them to safeguard the future of their family and allow them to remain self-dependent and sustain their current lifestyle without straining their budget or compromising on their living standard. The high cover amount will also allow them to navigate financial hardships and meet ongoing liabilities and upcoming financial obligations with more ease. 

These features and benefits of a 2 crore term plan allow individuals to build a reliable financial net for their future. Those new in their career or with limited financial responsibilities can leverage their standing and purchase a 2 crore term insurance to meet their needs and requirements when it comes to building a high protection cover for their family and loved ones.

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