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Can You Use Spray Adhesive for Glitter?

Written by Mika Lee

Glitter can add sparkle and glamor to various craft projects, from greeting cards to DIY home decor. However, applying glitter can be messy and challenging to achieve the desired results. 

Spray adhesive emerges as a potential solution, but can you use spray adhesive for glitter effectively? In this guide, we will explore the possibilities, best practices, and tips for using spray adhesive with glitter, ensuring your crafts shine like never before.

Understanding Spray Adhesive

Spray adhesive is a versatile adhesive available in aerosol cans, making it convenient to apply to different surfaces. Depending on the type, it forms a temporary or permanent bond, allowing for quick and effortless bonding of materials such as paper, fabric, and lightweight embellishments. 

Its ability to evenly cover large areas has gained popularity in crafting and DIY projects.

Types of Spray Adhesive

Before we delve into using spray adhesive with glitter, let’s explore the different types of spray adhesive available:

Repositionable Spray Adhesive: 

This type of adhesive creates a temporary bond, allowing you to reposition the materials before achieving a permanent bond.

Permanent Spray Adhesive: 

As the name suggests, this adhesive creates a strong, permanent bond that cannot be easily repositioned.

Multipurpose Spray Adhesive: 

Combining features of both repositionable and permanent adhesives, this type offers flexibility and durability.

Can You Use Spray Adhesive for Glitter?

Yes, you can use spray adhesive for glitter application, and it can be an excellent choice for certain projects. The adhesive provides a uniform layer, ensuring an even distribution of glitter without the mess associated with traditional glues. 

However, there are specific considerations and techniques to remember for successful glitter application.

Best Practices for Using Spray Adhesive with Glitter

To achieve the best results and minimize potential pitfalls when using spray adhesive with glitter, follow these tips:

Choose the Right Spray Adhesive: 

Select a repositionable spray adhesive if you want the freedom to adjust the glitter’s position before it sets. For permanent applications, opt for a permanent spray adhesive.

Prepare Your Workspace: 

Work in a well-ventilated area or outdoors to avoid inhaling fumes. Cover your workspace with newspapers or a drop cloth to catch excess glitter and adhesive.

Test on a Sample Surface: 

Before applying the adhesive and glitter to your main project, test it on a sample surface to understand how it behaves with your chosen materials.

Glitter Application Techniques

Direct Application: 

Spray the adhesive directly onto the surface where you want the glitter to stick. Hold the can approximately 6-8 inches from the surface for even coverage.

Glitter Shaker Method: 

Alternatively, spray the adhesive onto the surface and sprinkle the glitter over it using a glitter shaker or by hand.

Tips for Effective Glitter Application

Work in Sections: 

Work in small sections for larger projects to ensure the adhesive doesn’t dry before applying the glitter.

Remove Excess Glitter:

After applying the glitter, gently tap or shake off the excess onto a piece of paper. This will allow you to collect and reuse the extra glitter for future projects.

Potential Challenges and Solutions

Uneven Glitter Coverage: 

If you notice areas with uneven glitter coverage, use a small brush to carefully apply additional adhesive and glitter to those spots.

Glitter Clumping: 

Prevent glitter from clumping by using a light, even coat of adhesive. Additionally, choose fine glitter instead of chunky glitter for smoother application.

Tips for Cleanup

Removing Excess Glitter: 

Use a lint roller or masking tape to clean up excess glitter from your workspace. Simply roll it over the surface to pick up the stray glitter particles.

Cleaning the Nozzle: 

To prevent clogs, clean the spray adhesive nozzle after each use. Turn the can upside down and spray for a few seconds until only air comes out.


What glue holds glitter best?

The best glue for holding glitter is a strong, clear-drying adhesive like clear-drying PVA, spray adhesive, or specialized glitter glue.

Can you use hairspray to seal glitter?

Yes, hairspray can be used to seal glitter on certain surfaces like paper or lightweight materials. However, it may not be as durable as other sealants.

Is glitter glue an adhesive?

Yes, glitter glue is an adhesive that contains glitter particles suspended in a glue-like substance, making it easy to apply glitter to various surfaces.


Spray adhesive is a valuable tool for applying glitter, offering convenience and precision. A professional finish to your crafts. By following the best practices and techniques mentioned in this guide. You can master the art of using spray adhesive for glitter application. Now, let your creativity shine and transform your projects into sparkling works of art with this efficiency.

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