What is a Dedicated Server for Gaming? The Best Options Are Here

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In this article, we will help to choose the best dedicated server for gaming. the world of gaming is a rapidly evolving ecosystem. If you purchase economy high bandwidth single server in europe then you get dedicated hosting group of specialists accessible for help, guaranteeing smooth tasks and limiting margin time. Every year groundbreaking games are pushing the limits of what gamers dreamed could be possible.

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Technology has made incredible strides over the past few decades and now friends can be connected (or even made) across the globe all from the comfort of home. 

But along with these advances come requirements if you want to keep up. With increasingly complex games comes the need for hardware that can meet computing power needs.

Without it, you’re looking at some of the gamers’ worst nightmares: lag and disconnections. Finding the right way to eliminate these is the key to a happy gaming environment.

The Solution: Best Dedicated Servers For Gaming

A dedicated server for gaming offers the best solution to ensure gameplay will be smooth even as you expand your audience or game complexity. In this article, we will investigate the advantages of the  best dedicated server europe  and feature a portion of the top low cost provider in European data centers. It allows us to coordinate gameplay between multiple users around the world.

It also ensures that they’re sharing a single experience. And if done correctly it can do so at a very affordable price.

If you’ve ever experienced rubber-banding (illogical movement of a game character due to lag), you know how strange an experience can be if different players are seeing different things.

Many video games demand that things are in-sync between different users or else the whole experience falls apart. So let’s dive into how exactly a dedicated gaming server can closely knit things together for users on opposite ends of the world.

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How do Gaming Servers work?

To get a better idea of how a dedicated gaming server can fix potential issues let’s define what exactly it is and how it works under the hood. A game server is a middleman between you and other computers connected to a game.

Through the server’s help, all the different pieces of a game are synced up so that they flow logically. Let’s say you’re playing a first-person shooter game and you fire a bullet.

Domain Racer and Dedicated Core gives the cheapest cost dedicated server hosting platform which gives you extreme power, speed, and security to run your site or application.

From a programming standpoint, the other soldier has no idea a bullet was ever fired. At least not until a server connects the two computers. When you fire the bullet your client (computer) shares information multiple times a second to the server.

It tells the server about the physics of what should be happening from the actions you’ve taken on your keyboard. The server then turns around and conveys that same logic to any other clients also connected.

The result is that everyone thinks they are witnessing the same event simultaneously.  With gameplay coordinated between different users, the limit for what is possible becomes how quickly you can make these round-trip connections.

High-speed connections are imperative, but to a degree, this is dependent on what type of game you’re playing. A more relaxed game like Minecraft won’t require the same level of latency as a shooter game that demands split-second reactions.

Whatever game you play though you’ll want a setup that guarantees a fluid connection.

What to Look for in a Dedicated Gaming Server?

If you’re serious about gaming and want an experience like the one above, it’s worth spending a few dollars to use a trusted host to set up your game server. Several providers list their prices for different server specs.

but before even getting into the concrete details of hardware let’s explore a few things that should always be guaranteed. The first of these is reliability.

Also by reliability, we mean both a server that is guaranteed to nearly always be operational as well as one that is protected. Domain Racer and Dedicated Core  providers will promise 99.9% uptime.

It means things will be operational almost 24/7 365 days a year. If you don’t see this guarantee then look elsewhere, it’s a big red flag.

Why bother paying to set something up if you can’t be sure it will work when you need it to? Along with actually working though you should be sure you choose a provider that offers protection from things like Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

These are an incredibly popular form of cyberattack where a malicious user attempts to throttle your server by sending in thousands of junk requests. If they send more requests than your server can handle, real requests from real players will get blocked.

Gamers might not sound like the target victims of hackers, but according to research last year more than one-third of all DDoS attacks targeted the e-sports and gaming industries.

And these types of attacks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, so selecting a provider that has protocols in place to handle threats like this is crucial to ensuring your safety.

Domain Racer and Dedicated Core low-cost dedicated server hosting comes with firewall & DDoS protection. You will get constant checking to safeguard your website. Protect your server from unexpected attacks and malware.

And finally, it’s important to make sure the server you’re setting up has backup storage space or a contingency plan in case things go south.

Sure, it’s not something fun to think about, but disaster recovery isn’t something you can address post-disaster, so take the time to properly evaluate a game plan.

Choosing Hardware

There will be different hardware requirements you’ll want to meet depending on both how many people you’re planning on supporting with a server and what game will be played.

The more complex a game is the higher your tech standards will be (as there will be more in-game objects that need to be accounted for). 

If you’re planning on hosting an older game with just a few friends, you may find it can easily run with as little as 2GB of RAM and a 2-core processor. Whereas if you’re looking to host a larger server for an MMO game like World of Warcraft, you could be dealing with hundreds of players.

Dedicated servers are bounded by cutting-edge hardware and network infrastructure. Domain Racer and Dedicated Core technical team handles infrastructure as well as scalability. Which allows you to build premium low-cost/price services for your business.

In that scenario, you’ll want closer to 32GB of RAM and a quad-core processor. These requirements vary widely depending on what you’re hoping to accomplish, so it can be beneficial to find a hosting provider that helps you evaluate the best plan.

You want to stay within your wallet’s reasonable range, but the more processing power available the smoother gameplay will be.

Additionally, real-world location plays a role in achieving low latency. The internet is a magical place but by no means does it run on magic.

Data has to physically transfer from one location to another, so finding a hosting company with a server location nearby may help speed things up a bit.


A dedicated gaming server lets gamers experience unrivaled speed and gameplay. If you’re serious about the games you’re spending time on, setting up a dedicated gaming server is worth it in the long run.

Just make sure that when you do you have things like security, recovery, and uptime accounted for. After that, the next biggest question is what games you should play.

Domain Racer and Dedicated Core low-cost dedicated server hosting comes with firewall & DDoS protection. You will get constant checking to safeguard your website. Protect your server from unexpected attacks and malware. Here you will deal with highly secured servers by applying strict security protocols.

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