Best Cyclocross Bike Under 1000 in 2024

Written by Mika Lee

As a first-time buyer, it might be challenging to get the best cyclocross bike under 1000. Cyclocross is a fast-growing sport that combines cycling with running. Getting some fresh air and enjoying the great outdoors while getting fit is also exciting. We have good news if you’re considering hopping on board with cyclocross but need more money for top-of-the-line equipment.

Plenty of affordable options will help your training efforts go even further than they already do! In this article, we’ll look at ten different models under $1000 (or less) so that you can find one that fits your needs perfectly.

Top 10 Best Cyclocross BIKE Under 1000

After extensive research, we’ve handpicked the 10 cyclocross bikes under 1000. Let’s check them out.

Raleigh RX 2.0 Cyclocross Bike

The Raleigh RX 2.0 is a great bike for under $1000, and it’s no surprise that this bike has become one of the most popular cyclocross bikes on the market.

The RX 2.0 has a carbon frame, which makes it lightweight and durable. And it also means that you can expect a smooth ride from day one. This model features Shimano 105 groupset parts (shifting, braking) and alloy wheels for increased durability over time.

• Quite popular in the market
• Reputable manufacturer
• Comes with a carbon frame
• Lightweight design
• Durable body construction
• The alloy wheels are sturdy

• None

Raleigh Bikes Willard 2 Cyclocross Bike

If you’re looking for the best cyclocross bike under 1000, the Raleigh Bikes Willard 2 is a great option. It has a carbon fiber fork and handlebars, a Shimano Sora STI drivetrain, and 27.5 wheelsets with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. The bike comes with an SRAM Rival 1 groupset, making it easy to shift gears.

You can use this bike for the road or off-road activities, and it has a 1×11 drivetrain. This allows you to use any wheel size without changing gear ratios. It’s an outstanding feature that saves weight while providing enough power when needed. It doesn’t matter whether it’s on flat terrain or rough terrain like gravel paths during races where riders might encounter more obstacles.

• It comes with a carbon fiber fork and handlebars
• 27.5 wheelsets with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes
• This bike boasts of an SRAM Rival 1 groupset
• Suitable for on and off-road activities
• Comes with a 1×11 drivetrain

• Not for beginners

GT Grade Alloy 105 Cyclocross Bike

The GT Grade Alloy 105 is a tremendous all-around cyclocross bike with a light frame, efficient drivetrain, and easy-to-use brakes. This makes it perfect for beginners who want to get into the sport but need more money or space for something more serious.

Roval Traverse SL wheels (27.5 x 2) with Maxxis Labyrinth tires for fast rolling performance on rough terrain without sacrificing durability or puncture resistance. It has 105 groupset components, which include Shimano Ultegra mechanical shifters and derailleurs.

Shimano 105 hydraulic disc brakes. FSA Orbit CX1 carbon bars and stem. The compact design makes it easy to store indoors or out when not in use and transport from one location to another without taking up too much space in your garage/shed/garage apartment, etcetera!

• Easy-to-use braking system
• Shimano Ultegra mechanical shifters and derailleurs
• Shimano 105 hydraulic disc brakes
• Compact design
• FSA Orbit CX1 carbon bars and stem

• A bit pricey

Norco Threshold A 105 Cyclocross Bike

The Norco Threshold A 105 is an excellent bike for an intermediate riders looking to step up their game. This bike remains the best cyclocross bike under 1000. It has enough features to keep you comfortable and secure on the road, but it’s not too heavy or bulky that you’ll get tired of pedaling quickly.

The frame is made from steel with a tapered head tube for added strength and stiffness at the front end. Besides, the brakes are on top of the fork, which allows them to be easily repositioned without needing tools or disassembly.

Furthermore, the seat post diameter is 31mm (1-1/8″), so riders can adjust their position without sacrificing comfort over time. Additionally, this model comes equipped with Shimano 105 shifters and derailleurs (with Shimano M396 rear derailleur).


  • Beginner-friendly
    • Ample seat size
    • Equipped with Shimano 105 shifters and derailleurs
    • Steel frame with a tapered head tube for added strength

• Some had issues with the wheel

Specialized Diverge Expert X1 Cyclocross Bike

The Specialized Diverge Expert X1 is a high-quality frame and components so you can expect a solid ride from this bike. It’s also good for the money, with a comfortable ride that won’t break your wallet.

Suppose you’re looking for an entry-level road bike but prefer to go with something other than carbon fiber or titanium frame materials.

The Specialized Diverge Expert X1 is designed for long rides or commuting purposes, so it’s ideal for fitness riders who want more than just a commuter bike. This model may be worth considering due to its affordability and versatility.

• High-quality frame and components
• A good value for money
• Ideal for long rides
• Quite affordable
• High versatility

• Might be faulty after fee rides

Cannondale CAADX Ultegra Cyclocross Bike

The Cannondale CAADX Ultegra is an excellent choice for the best cyclocross bikes under 1000. This bike has an aluminum frame and fork and weighs about 27 pounds. It’s also equipped with Shimano 105 shifters and derailleurs that work perfectly with the wheelset.

This bike is ideal for riders who want to get into cyclocross but need more money for something more expensive like the Specialized Roubaix Pro or Trek Domane 6R (both of which cost over $1K).

• Aluminum frame and fork
• Weighs about 27 pounds
• Equipped with Shimano 105 shifters and derailleurs

• Minimal overall quality

Marin Gestalt X11 Cyclocross Bike

The Marin Gestalt X11 is an excellent option for riders who don’t want to spend too much money on their first cyclocross bike. It has a price range of $999 to $1099 and comes with a variety of features, including aluminum frame, alloy fork, and Shimano 105 drivetrain (50-34T).

The Gestalt X11’s frame is made from an aluminum alloy that weighs 20 pounds. The wheelset has been upgraded to Alex rim-brake hubs laced with Sapim CX-Ray spokes and Sapim CX 32 spokes on the front wheel, while at the rear. It utilizes Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels laced with DT Swiss 240 hubs and 32 spokes. This setup provides plenty of stopping power when you need it most!

• Shimano 105 shifters and derailleurs
• It comes with aluminum frame and alloy fork
• The bike weighs about 20 pounds
• Alex rim-brake hubs laced with Sapim CX-Ray spokes
• It utilizes Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels laced with DT Swiss 240 hubs and 32 spokes

• A bit pricey

Focus Mares CX 1.0 Cyclocross Bike

The Focus Mares CX 1.0 is an excellent option for those who want to get into cyclocross but need more money to spend on their first bike. It has an aluminum frame, carbon fork, Shimano 105 components (including the shifters and derailleurs), Tektro R540 brakes, and even a water bottle cage!

The bike comes with whole mudguard mounts on both wheels, which makes it easy to keep clean when riding in the rain or mud. A severe concern when riding on slick surfaces like gravel paths or trails with loose dirt everywhere. The list of the best cyclocross bike under 1000 won’t be complete without adding this beautiful piece from Focus Mares.

• It has an aluminum frame and carbon fork
• Comes with Shimano 105 component
• Equipped with Tektro R540 brakes
• It has a water bottle cage!
• Easy to maintain

• Not for starters

Jamis Nova Race Ultegra Cyclocross Bike

There are a lot of cyclocross bike under 1000 out there, but if you’re an amateur rider, then you’re probably looking for an affordable one. The Jamis Nova Race Ultegra is an excellent option for those who want a high-end cyclocross bike but can’t afford to spend a ton on one.

The frame is made of steel and is made with double-butted tubes with a tapered head tube. This helps keep the weight down, which is great since cyclocross isn’t a lightweight sport to begin with. The bike also comes with hydraulic brakes instead of cable-only brakes and has a wide range cassette.

Besides, the bike has all the features of an expensive race bike, including carbon fiber fork and stays and hydraulic disc brakes. The Jamis Nova Race Ultegra bike is perfect for entry-level cyclists. It is available in a variety of colors.

Furthermore, this bike comes equipped with Shimano’s Ultegra drivetrain (shifters/ derailleurs) and SRAM Apex 1 components (brakes). The Jamis Nova Race Ultegra bike is light, weighing in at just 21.8 pounds without pedals.

Overall, the Jamis Nova Race Ultegra is a great option for amateur riders who want quality but can’t spend thousands of dollars on a cyclocross bike.

• Carbon fiber fork and stays
• Alloy frame construction
• Equipped with Hydraulic disc brakes
• Boasts of Shimano’s Ultegra drivetrain (shifters/ derailleurs)

• Manufacturer’s reliability not the best

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Kona Jake the Snake Cyclocross Bike

The Kona Jake the Snake is an excellent choice for those looking to get into cyclocross and want something a little more affordable than some of the other models we’ve covered. It’s one of the most affordable cyclocross bikes under 1000.

This bike has disc brakes, 27.5 wheels, hydraulic disc brakes, and carbon fiber forks. All of which are essential for any rider who wants to stop quickly on the dirt or pavement. It also comes with Shimano 105 hydraulic disc brakes that allow you to steer the bike quickly.

With this feature, you won’t have to worry about how much pressure you’re putting on your brake pads, especially when you’re stopping at an intersection or cornering hard on a hillside path (or wherever else you might find yourself). It is no surprise that this bike is among the best cyclocross bikes under 1000.

The frame is made from aluminum alloy but has some great design features, like internal cable routing. This feature ensures that cables don’t get to deal with anything catching up while riding uphill. Besides, it helps protect against rattle while staying safe enough so there aren’t any issues with sudden movements in traffic situations.

Commonly, someone could come up behind them unexpectedly while trying their best not to look like they’re texting while driving down busy roads.

• Aluminum alloy frame
• Exquisite design
• It comes with Shimano 105 hydraulic disc brakes
• The bike is equipped with disc brakes, 27.5 wheels, and hydraulic disc brakes

• Body construction needs improvement

Factors to look out for before buying the best cyclocross bikes under 1000

The best cyclocross bike under 1000 will help you get from one place to another without missing out on too much quality time with your friends or loved ones.

And if you’re lucky enough to be someone who has a lot of friends who love cycling as much as you do, there are even more advantages! Let’s quickly look into the factors to consider before making a buying decision.

Frame Material

The material used to construct the frame of your cyclocross bike is an important consideration. Aluminum is the most common material, but carbon fiber and titanium are also widely applicable.

Carbon fiber frames are lighter than aluminum but are less strong and durable. You may have issues with their bikes breaking down unexpectedly due to weak design or manufacturing defects (this may be more likely for cheaper models). The best way to find out if you want a carbon-fiber bike is to look at reviews online.

Titanium has all the benefits of both materials: it’s stronger than steel and much lighter than aluminum. However, it costs significantly more money than aluminum or carbon fiber.

Tire Size

When it comes to choosing the right tire size for the best cyclocross bike under 1000, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First and foremost, tire size is measured in millimeters. This means that if you have a 23mm-wide rim and want to go with clinchers (wide rims), the tires would also be around 23mm wide.

If your budget allows, I recommend going with wider rims over narrower ones. That’s because they offer more protection against damage from debris or rocks when riding on dirt roads or paths full of potholes—both common hazards in cyclocross racing!

Brakes Type

Disc brakes, rim brakes, and hydraulic disc brakes are three of the most popular options for cyclocross bike under 1000. Discs are usually found on bikes you’ll see at races as they provide good stopping power in wet conditions. Rim-brake systems have been around longer than disc-brake systems, but they could be more effective at stopping your bike quickly when you need them to.

Hydraulic disc brakes are better than mechanical ones because they don’t require any fluid. So if you run out of water or forget about your hydration pack for a moment (whoops), then you can still use your bike without worrying about its braking ability!

Hydraulic rim brakes have improved over time and now offer more control than ever before; however, some people prefer mechanical systems because they’re more durable over time and cheaper overall compared with hydraulic ones. Learn more about the braking system repair of a bike in other articles on our blog.

Gearing System & Shifting System

Gearing system:

The gearing system of the best cyclocross bike under 1000 is one of the essential features to consider. It determines how many gears your bicycle has and whether or not you will be able to shift smoothly. A good gear ratio means you can go faster without pedaling too hard, while an improper ratio may make it difficult for you to climb hills or stay in lower gears when riding on flat terrain.

Shifting System:

If you’re on a budget, you’ll want to ensure that the shifters are mechanical. They’re cheaper, lighter, and more reliable than electronic ones—but they also come with downsides. For starters, mechanical shifting can be tricky for beginners because there is no way to tell whether your bike is in gear without looking at it.

Electronic shifting has been around for years and has become much more affordable as well: You can find an entry-level electronic bike that costs under $1,000 these days! In addition to being lighter than mechanical systems, they offer buttons instead of cables for shifting gears. They also have other features like lights/horns/computer functions, all controlled by an app on your smartphone or computer (if your bike has this feature).

Frame Design And Fit

The frame design of a cyclocross bike is vital to its performance, comfort, and durability. Your frame must fit you well to ensure you get the most out of it. You should find a bike with a size suitable for your body type (read: no oversized frames). Look for geometry that suits your riding style by assessing how comfortable the bike feels while stationary or moving at slow speeds.

Please also consider whether any modifications need to be made for your frameset to fit appropriately. A good quality cyclocross bike will last several years under regular use without any significant issues with its components or construction materials, so don’t worry too much about finding one right away!


This list of the best cyclocross bikes under $1000 can be invaluable for narrowing down your options to find the perfect bike for your needs. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned rider, having the right bike is crucial. Additionally, if you’re a cycling aficionado with a YouTube channel, you’re welcome to broaden your reach and share your biking insights and advice with a wider audience through Socialgreg.

Do remember, however, that these bikes don’t represent all models in the industry. And by no means should they be used as such. Instead, we hope they will inspire those interested in purchasing their own cyclocross bike!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a cyclocross bike, and why would I want one?

A cyclocross bike is a versatile bicycle designed for a variety of terrains, including pavement, gravel, dirt, and mud. They are popular for racing and also make great commuter and adventure bikes.

Why is the price point set at under $1000 for this list of cyclocross bikes?

The $1000 price point is chosen to provide budget-conscious cyclists with options for high-quality cyclocross bikes that offer good value for their money.

What are the key features to look for in a cyclocross bike under $1000?

Look for features like a lightweight frame, disc brakes for reliable stopping power, durable components, and a comfortable geometry suitable for cyclocross riding.

Can I use a cyclocross bike for other types of riding, like commuting or touring?

Yes, cyclocross bikes are versatile and can be used for commuting, touring, gravel riding, and even road cycling, making them a great all-around choice.

Are there different frame materials available for cyclocross bikes in this price range?

Yes, you can find cyclocross bikes with frames made from materials like aluminum, steel, or carbon fiber. Each material has its characteristics, so choose one that suits your preferences and budget.

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