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With its rich history, idyllic islands, vibrant culture and strategic location straddling Europe and the Mediterranean, Greece has emerged as an increasingly sought-after destination for foreign investors and expatriates alike. Now, the nation’s residence by investment program provides an attractive avenue to obtaining residency rights and immersing yourself in the Greek lifestyle.

What is Greece’s Residence Permit Program?

Greece‘s Golden Visa program grants a renewable five-year residence permit to foreign investors who meet the qualifying criteria around real estate purchases, business ventures, or capital transfers. Key benefits include:

– Right to live, work and study in Greece as a resident

– Visa-free travel across Europe’s Schengen Area

– Ability to include family members on residence permit

– Option to secure permanent residency after 7 years

– Pathway to full Greek citizenship eligibility after 7 years

The program aims to attract affluent individuals, entrepreneurs and skilled talent to stimulate the Greek economy through property investment, establishing businesses, and bringing human capital into the country.

Eligibility Paths for Greek Residency

Greece Residency by Investment Migrate World program encompasses several eligible investment types satisfying the required minimum amounts:

Real Estate Purchase

Investors can obtain a Golden Visa by purchasing residential real estate valued at €250,000 or more throughout Greece.

Investors are not obligated to physically reside at the property and may freely rent it as well. Additional real estate purchases can be combined to meet the minimum if bought in the same application.

Capital Transfers

A €400,000 minimum capital transfer into a Greek bank account OR shares/bonds purchase of a Greek company can qualify.

Business Formation

Starting a business operation in Greece that employs at least 5 Greek residents qualifies regardless of the investment amount.

After 7 years of maintaining the investment tied to their residency, investors may apply for permanent Greek residency.

Consultancy Services from Migrate World

Greek immigration laws dictate very specific eligibility requirements and document submissions for applicants to meet. Migrate World simplifies the entire process through dedicated advisory covering:

– Guidance around eligibility options and most suitable investment route

– Research on available Greek real estate, companies or business ventures

– Residence permit application preparation and filing 

– Document translation, notarization and legalization assistance  

– Family member inclusion and sponsorship as required

– Background checks and verification as per Greek law

– Application follow-up and representation during processing

– Post-approval support for renewals, permanent residency application 

With experience handling hundreds of Greek Golden Visa cases, Migrate World’s consultants eliminate uncertainty and delays every step of the way.

Life as a Greek Resident

Once residency is secured, Greece Golden Visa residents enjoy exceptional living standards and privileges. Beyond having full rights to reside and work across Greece, permit holders can travel easily across Europe’s Schengen area.

Greece’s favorable tax environment, relaxed pace of living, universal healthcare, high quality education options, and vibrant local cultures make the Mediterranean nation an appealing destination for those relocating.

Building Your Future in Greece

Greece’s Golden Visa serves as an excellent opportunity for investors worldwide to establish a presence in a highly strategic location and participate in the country’s growth. Let Migrate World guide you on making Greece your chosen home through the Residency by Investment Programs on Migrate World.

Start planning your residency in Greece today with an initial consultation from Migrate World’s experienced Greek immigration experts. They can address all your questions and apprise you of current requirements for a smooth transition to investing and residing in Greece.

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