Top Amazing Facts About IPL That Will Drive You Crazy

Written by Mika Lee

In a country with a population of over 138 crores and a love for cricket as a religion, people are always looking for stats and facts that prove they are true die-hard fans of the game, and the IPL tournament is no exception. People within their circle of friends, family, and colleagues want to come out on top by knowing some facts that others do not know. And we will assist you with it. So, without further ado, here are some of the most unknown facts about the IPL.

1. Most Valuable Player Award for 12 IPL Seasons

The Indian Premier League has been held 12 times, but few people are aware that only two Indian players have received MVP awards in the competition’s history, making it one of the most amazing IPL facts. The first one happened in the third season of the IPL (IPL 2010), when Sachin Tendulkar scored almost 620 runs for the Mumbai Indians and, curiously, won the Orange Cap in the tournament.

Virat Kohli was the second Indian to win the MVP title, and it happened in the eighth season of the IPL when he hit an incredible 973 runs. Note that, although winning the orange Cap in 2014, Robin Uthappa was not named MVP of the season. It went to Glenn Maxwell. So if you placed the right bet with the 1xbet best casino app in India, then you were lucky to win big.

2. The IPL May Have Been a One-Day Tournament

Lalit Modi, the genius behind the IPL, proposed a 50-over (one-day format) competition to the BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) in 1995, but it was denied. It wasn’t until Zee launched ICL in 2007 that the BCCI decided to develop its own Twenty20 competition. Imagine being a fan of the 50-over cricket championship and how things would have been different: fewer matches and, most likely, fewer franchises.

3. The Only Team That Has Never Taken Part in the IPL Final

The IPL finals have been played 12 times, while one team has yet to compete in the Indian Premier League conclusion. Can you guess the team? Maybe you have even taken part in 1xbet IPL betting and won a massive amount. If you picked Delhi Daredevils (DD), you were right. This is one of the most unknown facts about the IPL. 

4. The Team That Has Played the Most IPL Finals

We now know which team has never played an IPL final, but there is one team that has played six IPL finals in the last twelve seasons. Despite being banned from the IPL for two years, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) have competed in eight IPL finals. Technically, this implies they made it to the final 80% of the times they played the competition. 

5. Teams With the Most IPL Title Wins

As we have earlier mentioned, CSK has played the most IPL finals of any IPL franchise in the tournament’s history. Yet they are not the team that has won the IPL championship the most times. It is the title of Mumbai Indians, who have won the IPL four times. CSK is getting close to 3, and we hope they can knot it this time.

6. Team with Most IPL Final Losses

Given the previous facts on the list, this is a no-brainer, but for those who are unfamiliar, it is an intriguing fact about the IPL since the team with the most IPL final defeats is also the team that has made the most appearances in the IPL finals. It is the Chennai Super Kings.

7. The Cost of One Ball for IPL 2018 Broadcasters

Star Sports got the broadcasting rights to the IPL for a five-year period in 2018 for a whopping Rs. 16,347.5 crore. That’s Rs. 3269.5 crore every year. This implies that every delivery in the IPL will cost the network more than Rs. 24 lakh since there are 56 matches played per season, with each team playing all 20 overs. The vast majority of people are unaware of this, making it one of the most obscure facts about the IPL.

8. The Longest Run by a Bowler Without Throwing a No-Ball

A bowler tries to perform everything accurately, but occasionally the calculations fail and the athletes bowl a no-ball. This was not the case with Piyush Chawla. He is one of the most underappreciated spinners in Indian cricket, having not bowled a single no-ball in 386 overs with the Delhi Daredevils. For eight years, he did not give the other team a free hit.

Indian Premier League Has a Lot to Offer

As you have understood, there are many interesting and unpredictable facts about the IPL. These make your favorite game even more fun and exciting to watch.

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