Top 5 ways to play Bau Cua that you need to win

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Bau Cua Tom Ca is considered a traditional folk game that has been in Vietnam for a long time and attracts many participants. Because the rules of this game are very simple, anyone can participate to earn big profits for themselves. However, if you want to increase your chances of winning, immediately apply the following 5 ways to play Bau Cua, learned by experts at Kubet transmitted below.

How to play Bau Cua effectively – Observe your fellow players carefully

Bau Cua is known as a game that anyone can participate in without any limitation in quantity, with its simplicity and unique appeal. On the betting table, you will see a lot of diverse choices, so predicting which door will win will be a challenge, especially for newbies.

If this is the case, everyone can focus on carefully observing how other members play Bau Cua, in order to make their own choices. Specifically, when you see someone consistently winning bets, this shows that he is a master in this field. Everyone should bet based on that individual to enjoy the happiness of winning.

Remember the positions of each dice

Another way to play Bau Cua without losing is to keep track of the results of the previous play, remember carefully the positions of the dice. With this method, gamers will be able to partially eliminate the possibility of losing in the next turn. Furthermore, according to statistics, there are almost no cases where the opposite side of the repeating dice has appeared in the previous game.

For example, if in the previous turn the dice were on the shrimp face and the opposite was on the gourd face. In the next turn, you should consider not placing bets because there is a high possibility that the opposite face will not appear again.

Cultivation – How to play Bau Cua well from the experts

Cultivation is a betting strategy for crabs, shrimps and fishes that most experts recommend to apply, thereby increasing your chances of winning. Accordingly, there will be 2 ways you can do this, including:

  • Choose to keep only one pair of cards: Playing this way will help people avoid losing too much. Specifically, if there is only 1 hand, the chance of winning will be low, but if you double the hand, the chance of winning will be higher.
  • Raise a hand in the form of folding: This strategy will start with you starting by raising a hand in the first 5 bets, such as gourd or crab. In case this hand appears in the first game, the player should double their bet in the next game.

In fact, both of these two ways to play Bau Cua will require players to have a significant amount of capital to ensure stability. Therefore, you will need to consider placing a reasonable bet, then divide the amount of capital so that you can bet multiple times if you lose, which means at least 10 consecutive games to increase your chances of winning. .

Usually, the folding method is chosen by more players and is applied when it can bring high profits. However, to be able to do it successfully will require patience, as well as time.
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The way to play Bau Cua effectively is to bet on the hand that often appears

One of the popular strategies applied by most players is that when playing Bau Cua, focus on betting on cards with a high frequency of appearance. In other words, you should bet on the dice with the highest odds.

To do this effectively, you need to track the historical progress of each bet, to analyze statistical data. From there, determine which hand appears most often to bet on the hand in the next game.

The way to play Bau Cua without losing is to know where to stop

No matter how good your calculation ability is, always remember one thing: the crab game will mainly rely on luck. So when you lose consecutive games, it’s best to stop immediately and not try to regain lost capital.

Because at this point, everyone has lost their composure, so they will not be able to make a wise choice for themselves. Therefore, set a specific financial limit for yourself and whether you are winning or losing, do not exceed this level.

So, through this article, everyone has grasped these things How to play Bau Cua It is always applied by experts and brings high efficiency. Choose and immediately use the shared methods to win and bring high profits to yourself.

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