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FC 24 Euro Update: Everything You Need To Know

Written by Mika Lee

The UEFA Euro 2024 has officially kicked off in Germany, and we have already seen many interesting matches take place between the best European FIFA teams in the world. With the Euro in full swing, EA has dropped the Euro update in FC 24 as well.

The Euro update brings a lot of new content into the game, including a separate EA Sports FC game mode and many new additions to Ultimate Team through the Festival Of Football promo. Let’s take a look at everything that is new with the FC 24 Euro update.

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UEFA Euro 2024 Mode

EA has added a whole separate game mode to commemorate the EUFA Euro 2024 tournament. Players get to experience the Euro in FC 24, with real life stadiums including the Olympiastadion Berlin added to the game, along with the official trophy and ball. First of all there is the official tournament mode, where EA FC 24 players can select a team and lead them to victory.

In this game mode, FIFA players can also play matches that mirror real-life UEFA fixtures. Furthermore, they can also choose one of FC 24 teams participating in the euro to play alongside their friends in online matches

Lastly, there is a custom FIFA mode in which gamers can create their own FC 24 avatar, or choose an existing player, and use that player to lead their team to victory. Gamers will be able to upgrade these custom avatars by performing well in each match drills. Gamers will be given the option to only control their player or control the whole team before each match.

Festival Of Football

The Euro update officially commences season 7 of ultimate team, with the addition of new cards in the Festival of Football promo. This promo introduces the Path To Glory players, which are live players that will receive a +1 overall every time their team wins a match in the Euro.

Greats of The Game players are now in FC 24 as well. These are FIFA icon players for Euro, who will also get a +1 overall whenever their nation wins a match. A new loan type has been introduced in the game as well called Global Loan. Whereas traditional loan allows gamers to use a player a certain number of times, global loans will allow gamers to use players for a certain period of time. For Festival of Football players that is till 18th of July.

That was everything you needed to know about the Euro update in FC 24. Which player are you looking to pack in this promo? What FC 24 team are you supporting in the actual UEFA fixtures? No matter who you pick, you can always upgrade your team when you get cheap FIFA coins from U7BUY!

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